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The Ralphie’s Saga

Once upon a time, way back in 1991, there was a group of “Kindergartners”. This was their referenced name, given to them by the Creator and Mastermind of this new joint, because of their inexperience in opening a new restaurant.

These Kindergartners took certain ribbing during the course of this opening that even a hardened veteran would find difficult to swallow. However, these Kindergartners were of a different sort . . . they were good-natured, highly concerned and very intelligent Kindergartners who surprised the seasoned veterans with all of their unusual talents.

One of the seasoned vets, named Ralphie, worked diligently on this project, volunteering his time and talent to produce the design for this place. Upon completion, The Woodcarver, another seasoned veteran, gave life to Ralphie’s blueprints. Ralphie had to make numerous changes . . . move this and move that, change this and change that and he did it all with such good grace (and several erasers) that after numerous name changes for the joint, the Kindergartners decided to call this place “Ralphie’s” after the seasoned vet that volunteered his architectural talent and quiet, unequivocal wisdom!

The first location, (we call it Ralphie’s #1), opened 12.3.1991 on Navarre Ave. in Oregon, OH and it was dedicated, by the Kindergartners, to the three seasoned veterans . . . The Creator, The Woodcarver and Ralphie.

Soon after, the Kindergartners advanced to First Grade where their mission was to learn from their mistakes, become successful, and open additional Ralphie’s. As the first location flourished, Ralphie’s opened doors in Maumee, May of 1992, Perrysburg, December 1992 (that’s when the Milligan rule was introduced to the First Graders classmates). Not ready to rest on their laurels, another location on Monroe at Flanders opened October 1995. The Lima, Ohio store opened in 1993 (closed in 2014). This restaurant relocated to the Starlite Plaza in Sylvania, March 2006. Ralphie’s Marion, Ohio opened December 1996, Findlay, Ohio April 1998.

Our Findlay location relocated to Trenton Ave in March of 2015 and our Sylvania location was renovated in August 2015.

Ralphie’s Sports Eateries are owned and operated by Perrysburg based Bennett Enterprises.

Bennett Enterprises has become the largest restaurant and hotel owner/operator in this area.


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