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Cheese 7.99 • half order 4.69
w/ seasoned ground beef 9.49 • half order 6.19
or mexi-chicken. 9.99 • half order 6.69

Seasoned Waffle Fries
Plain 7.29
Three-Cheese 8.29
Chili & Cheese 8.89
Bacon-Cheddar 8.89

Onion Straws
Crispy slivers of onion with
Southwest Ranch dressing. 7.29

Beer-Battered Onion Rings 7.59

Batter Toasted Green Beans
Fresh green beans covered in a
toasted onion batter, golden-fried
& served with sweet chili pepper sauce 8.99

Jalapeno Poppers
Crispy coated cream cheese stuffed Jalapeños 8.29

NEW! Firecracker Shrimp

A hearty portion of beer battered shrimp coated with Sweet & Hot Chili sauce. Served with our homemade ranch. 13.99


  Potato Skins
Filled with cojack and fresh bacon bits.
8.59 • half order 5.29

Mexi-Style Potato Skins
with spicy beef, creamy queso, melted colby, diced tomato & jalapeños 8.59
• half order 5.29

Cheesy Pita Bread
Grilled pita bread stuffed
with mozzarella & Provolone.
Served with marinara 7.99

Provolone Wedges
Freshly breaded wedges of Provolone cheese served with marinara sauce 8.59

Mac & Cheese Wedges 8.59

Fried 'Shrooms
Served with Southwest Ranch dressing. 8.29

Packo's® Fried Pickles
Tony Packo's original golden-fried pickles
Served with ranch. 8.79

  Soft Jalapeno Pretzels
Two large soft pretzels, hand-twisted with jalapeño dough & filled with Pepper jack cheese.
Served with queso dip. 10.99
half order 7.99

Queso Dip
Queso cheese topped with diced tomatoes. Served with tortilas chips. 8.59
w/ mexi-meat or buffalo chicken 10.29

Buffalo Chicken & Cheese Dip
Chunks of Chicken in a tasty buffalo cheese dip.

Trio Bean & Cheese Scrape
Refried beans topped with queso
& cheddar served hot with sour cream, guacomole & diced tomato.
Served with a basket of fresh,
homemade tortillas chips. 9.29

NEW! Jumbo Stuffed Meatball Trio

Jumbo seasoned, cheese stuffed meatballs topped with house marinara & melted mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. 10.59

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